February 27, 2015

Random 5 Friday

Welcome to Random 5 Friday --

where you share 5 random facts about you, your day, 
your pets, your kids, whatever!

The Random 5 Friday Meme post will be available at 12:00 am every Friday.

I'm looking forward to seeing your submissions.

Random 5 Friday


1. Link up a blog post with 5 random facts
about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!
2. Posts not containing 5 random facts may be deleted
(sorry, but I don't ask much!)
3. Visit a few other participants if you are able.

Here are my Random 5 for this week:

1. I have no specific reason for starting up my blog again... other than it was an itch I could no longer ignore.

2. Our 18 year-old cat Maggie passed away a couple of weeks ago in her sleep. Never was a very affectionate cat, but she had a good life with us.

3. Speaking of pets, we are down to about 5 chickens due to a predator attack last summer. Honestly, that's about a perfect number for two people. We can consume a couple of dozen eggs a week. But 4 or 5 dozen? Not so much.

4. Our weather has been up and down all winter. It was in the 40s a couple of days ago and now it's in the teens with snow on the ground. Spring can make an appearance at any time now. Just sayin.'

5. My youngest son returned from Afghanistan last October and is now working for a company that replaces computer hardware for the Air Force weather satellite network (something like that.) Lots of travel, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Now it's your turn.